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El Centro is a meeting place for travelers, expats and local diners
that is a hub of dining and culture in the city of Kota Kinabalu (K.K),
Sabah, East Malaysian Borneo. The Cafe offers delicious international
and local food and drinks at reasonable prices. The location and vibe
creates the ideal place for people to convene and relax, attend music and
art events, and plan trips to destinations around Borneo that are not on
the usual itineraries. The Cafe has a full bar, wifi and hosts a variety
of specialty nights(quiz nights, monthly dance parties, open mic nights)
and has a bookshelf filled with travel information, novels and games for
guests to enjoy while they are dining.
The Cafe serves food that is consistent, healthy, locally sourced, organic (whenever possible), and
only the freshest ingredients are used. Fun, health and consciousness are the cornerstone of El Centro, which is represented by using recycled wood for the furniture, practicing equal employment and doing community
outreach with local environmental and social projects.


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